How two neuroscientists built a mindfulness class to improve students’ well-being – Kevin Boehnke and Richard E. Harris introduced a course in meditation, yoga and mindfulness to the neuroscience programme at their institution. (link)

How to Meditate – When was the last time you just sat –– no phone, no to-do list, no thinking about what’s for dinner? With so many distractions at the ready, doing nothing might seem next to impossible. This lack of activity, however, is the foundation for meditation, a practice that empowers people to be present and recharge. (link)

Shoreline: Meditate to Nature – New meditation app available by Meryl Arnett. (link)

Meditation is sorely need on the UW-Madison campus – As we approach the end of this semester, many students are left burned out, exhausted and overwhelmed with the seemingly endless demands of college. Coupled with the increasingly demanding academics, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated students’ existing feelings of continuous stress. In fact, 71% of college students have indicated increased anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, it is essential for students to find ways of dealing with these demanding stressors. This is where meditation comes into play! (link)

Fort Hood biologists win national conservation award – The National Military Fish and Wildlife Association recognized Charlie Plimpton, Chelsea Plimpton and Brad Burden, biologists with the Adaptive and Integrative Management program here, as award winners for the Natural Resources Conservation Communication (link)

Sacred Earth Sangha in Central Park – Date: Saturday, 5/8/2021 Time: 2-5pm EST Location: Meet at 1:45pm at 100th St., Central Park West Since its beginning, every session of SES has begun with three honorings – honoring native land, honoring Asian lineages, & honoring ancestors. (link)

Building a meditation routine for a more productive, creative and happier scientific life – Mindfulness has helped Ana Pineda to juggle the demands of academic research in a foreign country alongside parenting responsibilities. (link)