Chris Hemsworth Is Leading a Meditation Course (PopSugar)
For the first time, Hemsworth himself will lead full-length meditations on his health and fitness app, Centr, and you can access them for free (!) until May 16 on Centr’s blog. (link)

Dalai Lama Holds Dialogue with Russian Scientists on Research (BuddhistDoor Global)
The wide-ranging discussion encompassed a broad spectrum of related topics, among them the functioning of the brain during meditation, emotional and mental well-being, conditions for maintaining peace of mind, rebirth and memories of past lives, and the techniques and characteristics of various tantric meditation practices. (link)

By heightening focus, meditation reduces stress of everyday life and the pandemic (
While meditation can be defined as a practice to achieve awareness and mental clarity, there are a number of techniques that can bring individuals to this desired state of calm. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and continues to be used as a way of reducing stress and enhancing physical and emotional well-being. (link)

Meditative practice and spiritual wellbeing may preserve cognitive function in aging (Science Daily)
A new review in theĀ Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, published by IOS Press, examines research that finds spiritual fitness, a new concept in medicine that centers on psychological and spiritual wellbeing, and Kirtan Kriya, a simple 12-minute meditative practice, may reduce multiple risk factors for AD. (link)

Doing This for 12 Minutes Each Day Slashes Your Dementia Risk, Study Says (Best Life)
In a study that was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2018, a team of scientists examined 60 older adults who had previously reported trouble with their memory during a 12 week period. Researchers then split the them into two groups, where they were instructed to either listen to music for 12 minutes or practice a 12-minute yoga meditation known as Kirtan Kriya daily. (Link)