15 Health Benefits Yoga and Meditation Can Give You (102.9 MGK)
Yoga and meditation offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. The two go hand-in-hand and if you pick up this sacred practice (which dates back to 2700 B.C.) you will notice benefits to your body and mind. But the goal of yoga is more far-reaching than that. (link)

How Meditation Could Help Heal Healthcare (Psychology Today)
think that chronic stress is that issue and that there is a good solution to it hiding in plain sight. As a primary-care physician for over 35 years, and a lifelong meditator (I began practicing Transcendental Meditation in 1975), it is my contention that teaching meditation in our middle schools would help lower our healthcare costs and improve our healthcare system. (link)

Chicago-based Chill Launches Meditation and Mindfulness “Mini Studios” to Tackle Stress Where You Live and Work (Valdosta Daily Times)
Today, Chill, a company that specializes in mindfulness and meditation services, announced the launch of Chill “Mini Studios,” purpose-built spaces in apartment and office communities that provide the ideal environments to relax and recharge. (link)

The Beauty of Meditation (Patheos)
The power of mindfulness, especially for those struggling with anxiety and depression, is something the secular world has rightly latched onto and incorporated into medicine, therapy and education… (link)

How To Meditate Like A Billionaire (Forbes)
Many super achievers and billionaires attribute their success to meditation. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates cited meditation as a great tool for improving his focus. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff meditates, as did the late Steve Jobs. Legendary billionaire investor Ray Dalio has stated that meditation is the single most important reason for his incredible track record of success. (link)