Mindfulness meditation found to lower depression in newly diagnosed MS patients (Global News)
Mindfulness meditation has shown promising results when it comes to treating depression in patients who have been newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS, a study from researchers at London’s Lawson Health Research Institute has found. (link)

How Meditation Can Reduce Stress Levels (News on 6)
On today’s Wellness Wednesday we’re talking about how we can reduce stress, get better sleep, and improve our mental health through meditation. Janet Parachin joined News On 6 at 4 to walk us through some easy ways to start meditating. (link)

How Meditation Helped This Spiritual Hustler Become A Business Success (Seekers Time)
For many, spirituality and business success might seem mutually exclusive concepts – that to achieve the former you have to reject the latter. But self-made millionaire David Hans-Barker is not only proof that you can achieve both, he’s also made it his mission to teach what he calls the ‘spiritual hustle’. (link)

Mindfulness meditation can make some Americans more selfish and less generous (The Conversation)
Another cultural tradition that has changed across time and place is the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a nonjudgmental expansive awareness of one’s experiences, often cultivated through meditation. (link)