Meditate on the Go! (New York Times)
Dr. Brewer suggests five-finger breathing because it’s a multisensory task. When you look at your hand and trace along your fingers, you’ve engaged your sight as well as your sense of touch in both hands. Plus you’re concentrating on breathing, which leaves very little room in your brain for negative thoughts. (link)

The Verdict on Popular Meditation Apps (
So, for the past month, I’ve become a Calm user. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the company’s satisfying ads of kinetic sand being gently cut wasn’t part of the reason I gravitated toward it. If you’ve seen them, you know exactly what I mean. (Link)

10-Minute Mindful Meditation Tastings (Forbes)
The wine industry has often been accused of lacking creativity when it comes to marketing, but leave it to a Champagne house to break the trend. With a clever linkage to the concept of “mindfulness” combined with a glass of bubbles, Champagne Henriot has created a 10-minute experience that changes the way consumers and trade interact with wine. (Link)

Cardiologist Includes This in His Daily Heart-Health Routine (MindBodyGreen)
Meditation is often associated with mental health, and less so with heart health, but according to Junger, “[it] is such a complete practice—especially for heart health.” (Link)

Meditation Room Kerfuffle Continues (WIBW News)
Republican legislators have hatched a plan for returning the Kansas Statehouse’s meditation room to its original spot after Governor Laura Kelly moved it to create more space for her staff. The Legislature wanted space for prayer in 2012 when then-Governor Sam Brownback created a meditation room on the Statehouse’s second floor. (Link)