Go Zafu Outdoor Meditation Cushion (Red)


Go Zafu by Calyx Cushions, LLC
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Go Zafu Meditation Cushion is the result of extensive testing and deliberate, mindful design. Built for comfort, durability, and portability, so you can be present. Anywhere. UPC: 860001432213 / ASIN: B07RWN7D4Z / SKU: CC-GZF-01-01-PRT_CGN

  • Tri-density Laminated Foam Cushion. Seat Pad: Firm and resilient; designed for comfort over extended periods. Compression Wedge: Triangular cross-section adjusts to provide support and aid proper posture. Base Block: Firm foam with forward slope provides stable foundation and support, aiding good posture and minimizing lower body circulation issues.
  • Heel Well allows heels to be drawn up near to the perineum, improving posture and stability while in the Burmese meditative pose.
  • 6-panel apron designed to accommodate the feet and ankles while sitting in a cross-legged position, protecting from the discomfort of rough surfaces.
  • 1000 denier Cordura provides extreme abrasion and water resistance, designed to withstand the rigors of long-term outdoor use.
  • Conveniently-placed loops allow easy and secure attachment to carry-on luggage, backpack, bicycle rack etc.

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